Tovatt Architects & Planners helps Västerås grow


Ängsgärdet surrounding Pilgatan that leads straight into the heart of Västerås has started its transformation from industrial estate to mixed-use city. The proposal from Tovatt Architects & Planners is now up for consultation in cooperation with HSB Mälardalen, the municipal housing company Bostads AB Mimer and the city of Västerås. The new area will contain a mixture of rental apartments and condominiums with retail premises along Pilgatan.

The project is one of the office’s several ongoing projects in Västerås. Around Gideonsbergsskolan the detailed development plan for a densifying project introducing a new typology, the triangle houses, has just been legally approved. A vision for how the many estate owners together with the municipality can develop Kopparlunden into a vivid city district has been formulated and visualized in a consultation document approved by the city of Västerås.

The local press about Ängsgärdet (in Swedish):

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