Tovatt Architects & Planners AB will become a subsidiary company, entitled by Sweco.

Our engagement in architecture, in future challenges and people has brought us in close relationships with both enterprises and individuals. These relationships have emerged within our collaborative work, through partnerships and collective efforts. We know that this is where architecture and urban design arise – no man an island!

Our concerns, referring to urgent sustainability and liveability in its widest sense, has casted the searchlight on how we currently work as a company, how we would like to work and how we can increase our strengths at the doorstep of forthcoming changes. We believe that global, political and environmental challenges will increase and thereby influence the way we act, incite leadership and push for more profound commitments. We look upon the years to come with both seriousness and an inherent strength, eager to act through personal responsibility and through enhanced collective power.

In the spirit of concern and optimism, in the last 12 months we have entertained an intense discourse with the Swedish company Sweco, a dialogue about the future role of our respective companies, a mapping of experiences and results in the fields of urban life, architecture and ways ahead and beyond. After some successful collaborative projects in Sweden and abroad, we now take another important step – merging of our companies!

Today, the 1st of July 2019, Tovatt Architects & Planners AB will become a subsidiary company, entitled by Sweco.

Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, with more than 16000 employees in northern Europe, carrying out projects in more than 70 countries worldwide to ensure resilient and liveable cities, clean water, efficient infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions.

As an affiliated company, Tovatt Architects & Planners will continue as the ones we are, bringing ourselves to the tasks and commissions and continue to reflect within the nuances of our Scandinavian origin. Subsequently, we will continue to engage with you as before, increase our engagement in our collaboration and provide more profound services and expertise to both assignments, partnerships and friendship.

As one company, the discourse about the needs of the growing cities will, eventually, discharged into the insight about the unique position of ours; the broad generalists on one hand, the key-competence on the other. Bridging these – the generalists and the specialists – is our lead ahead; eyes wide open for the most challenging times to come.

Read more about Sweco here.