Today a new passive preschool was inaugurated in Knivsta  

Today we celebrate together with children, pedagogues and our client the result of five years of hard work. Tovatt Architects & Planners has, together with Knivsta kommunfastigheter, developed Norrgårdens preschool with high ambitions for both the building and the pedagogy. Having the beautiful agricultural landscape as a background, a modern passive house with strong architectural identity is now ready for children and staff to grow in.

Norrgården’s Preschool is a municipal pre-school with 8 divisions for 160 children. It is inspired by the Reggio Emilia-philosophy where the democratic values and children’s influence are the main focus. The building has two floors where the facilities for the smaller children are situated on the entrance floor towards the green yard which offers space for gardening and play. The older children reach their premises on the upper floor via the outdoor wooden staircases which also sets the character of the building towards the court . Children of every different age and group meet around the centrally located hub of the building where the stage, the dining room and studios open up between the floors.

The building is certified as Passive House according to international Standard (PHI) which allows 75% less energy use than other traditionally built preschools. Great care has been taken to optimize the environment for pedagogical activities with studios to stimulate curiosity, exploration and experimentation. Natural material have been used in the building design such as wooden ribs, used both inside and outside to link the spaces together and create a soft meeting with the building. All eight individual studios and small cubbyhole give the children the opportunity to find their own private or less private places and belonging in the smaller group.

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