Seestadt Aspern

The Lake Town of Vienna

Aerial view, 2017

Aspern Seestadt (Lakeside City) is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects. Located in Vienna’s fast-growing north-eastern 22nd district, a new urban centre is taking shape – a smart city, designed and considered to accommodate the whole spectrum of life. A multi-phase development providing employment premises and housing for more than 50 000 new inhabitants upon completion in the late 2020-ties. Built on a foundation of innovative concepts and forward-looking ideas, this city-within-a-city combines high quality of life with economic drive and state of the art innovations.

Diverse, open and planned for the future – Seestadt is a business hub of international calibre and a living urban environment, yet in its early stage. Seestadt is expected to become a new focal point and public transport node for the region, including an extension of the metro-line U2, fast railway link to Bratislava/Vienna Central Station, new hub for local and regional busses, extended tram lines and direct vehicular access to the ring-road and highway network of Vienna.


Since the wining proposal was presented in 2006, Tovatt Architects & Planners has had a key-role in adaptation, improvements and detailed guidelines to both client organisations, the municipality and associated stakeholders. Seestadt is by far the most comprehensive, complex and long-lasting project within the office portfolio. The assignment has prolonged in an unbroken manner for nearly 15 years and as it looks, another 10 years will follow until completion in 2029. Among others, the assignment includes strategies for development phases, architectural and typology guidelines, landscape strategies and infrastructural concepts. Many of the unique steering documents bringing this project on its feet were established prior to the initial stages of implementation.


With the initial stages completed, Seestadt has become an attraction of its own. Visitors from all over the world pay their visits to this former airfield, studying implemented state of the art technologies as well as the financial and social models used to make this project feasible and successful.


See also D10, an urban mix-use block in the first phase of development designed by Tovatt Architects & Planners.


Illustrative masterplan from 2006.

Illustration of the lakeside from 2016.

Illustration of the lakeside from 2006.

Illustration of park north of Seestadt Aspern Station from 2016.

The Tovatt office visiting the building site in 2014, phase one in the background.

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