The “Cherry Orchard”

The location for the new quarter in Kirschgelände, Munich Allach offers outstanding conditions for developing a new and resilient urban area in the outskirts of Munich, a quarter for future generations. At the doorstep of open landscape, existing social infrastructure, and immediate access to the S-Bahn, the site offers excellent connections to the diverse qualities of the capital of Bavaria. Tovatt Architects and Planners was invited to participate in the competition for the brown-field site of 12 hectares to be developed into a residential area with several day-care centres, a school as well as substantial public open spaces. The new city quarter, with an estimated future population of nearly 3000 new residents, will need to provide highest performances in sustainable living, determined by regulations and environmental targets provided by both landowner and municipality of Munich.

The essence of our concept is the creation of a generous open space, that can serve the entire neighbourhood without restricting private retreats for the new residents or compromising the identity of the new quarter. The result of this central challenge: there are two chambers where the heart of the “Cherry Orchard” beats, the densely built southern part (the “City of Wood”) and the public open space in the north (the “Cherry blossom park”).

The “City of Wood” thus emerges as a bright, friendly, and transparent expression of subtle architectural design where density, overarching structural and spatial surprises provide a living environment for a growing city. Within the development, vehicular traffic has been reduced to a minimum, providing an intricate network of well-balanced public open space. Kindergartens and raised ground floors are just a few aspects of long-term flexibility – an urban area prepared to adapt to a changing future, new demands, and yet unknown priorities.

For us, in the design team – TAP +Sweco Landscape – Kirschgelände represents one of the finest examples of our recent projects: scale, integration, spatial concept, liveability and adaptivity have been manifested in our endeavour to find new paths in urban design in a very fragile world.

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