From ”an edge city” to “the city of edges”

Jakobsberg is an important part of the development of Karlstad. It is strategically located, close to central Karlstad, beautifully situated next to Klarälven, and with new infrastructural projects planned in the area; it has all the preconditions to become a vibrant, well integrated district. The area is an old airfield. It is very flat, and the risk of flooding is an important aspect. We were invited to a competition with another architectural office, to come up with ideas about the design of the new district.


The concept is built upon the idea of minimizing amount of fill to necessary paths and entrances, together with quays towards nature (and in case of flooding, also the water). The buildings will contain a wide array of qualities and forms of tenures. Thus, a diverse city can be made. A high density and a varied typology of buildings will create the foundation for residents, visitors, nature, city, work and leisure. All traces in the vicinity and the connections in the city structure of Karlstad is taken to connect; to help its neighbors and create new connections. The plan is all about public space, compact streets and an open relation to nature.


Read more about the project at Karlstad växer

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