Campus Flemingsberg

A new creative university hub

View over the campus and Flemingsberg train station

The regional center Flemingsberg is a major development area with a great growth potential in the South Stockholm region. Flemingsberg is known for its hospital and university area – a campus with a multidisciplinary range of higher education and research center. Campus Flemingsberg is a growing interdisciplinary campus, currently the 8th largest area for higher education in Sweden with approximately 17,000 students. Our vision for campus development is reconciled with the municipality’s overall vision for Flemingsberg to become a vibrant 24-hour area that promotes knowledge exchange and citizens encounters.


Breaking down the scale of the existing context, the plan attempts to create a clear and at the same time fluid structure that would incorporate existing buildings and provide a mix of new educational premises, student housing and social facilities.  The structure ensures a network of open and semi-enclosed spaces of a different scale and flows with a distinctive character. Hence, the inner promenade provides a tranquil experience stretching through an archipelago of green hills, while the edge promenade opens a remarkable view over the lower part of Flemingsberg. A new main gathering square – so-called agora – is a central space that celebrates diversity of qualities and activities. Accepting the challenge of the dramatic landscape, the campus is meant to strengthen the identity of Flemingsberg as an inclusive and sustainable innovation hub in the Southern Stockholm region. A new detailed plan is to be developed from 2019 on.

Illustrative plan

Campus entré

View from Södertörn University building

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