• Project type: Comprehensive plan
  • Location: Västerås, Sweden
  • Client: Kungsleden in collaboration with Västerås Municipality
  • Program: 240 ha, Offices, Education, innovation, housing, local service etc
  • Project year: 2019 –
  • Completed: Public consultation 2020


Urban Campus

  • Project type: International invited competition
  • Location: Munich, Stadtbezirk Feldmoching-Hasenberg, Germany
  • Client: Eggarten Projektentwicklung GmbH & Co.KG
  • Competition organizer: Dragomir Stadtplanung GmbH
  • Program: 21,5 ha, ca 2000 residential units, kindergartens school, etc
  • Project year: 2019–2020
  • Completed: Special jury mention


Garden City

  • Project type: EU-wide, open architects’ competition, “Realisierungswettbewerb”
  • Location: Seestadt, Vienna/Austria
  • Client: Verein Campus der Religionen, St. Augustinus-Stiftung der Erzdiozese Wien für Immobilienbewirtschaftung and Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG
  • Competition Organizers: Berater der Auslober: ARGEWO Dr. Nikolaus Hellmayr Architektur
  • Program: University premises and eight (8) Sacred buildings. Total 26 000 GA
  • Project year: 2019–2020

Campus der Religionen

Secret Garden

  • Project type: International invited masterplan competition
  • Location: Munich, Allach Untermenzing, Germany
  • Client: The ALLPG real estate company mbH & Co. KG, a joint venture of Büschl Group of Companies (BUG) and the Eckpfeiler Immobilien GmbH,
  • Competition organizer: bgsm Architekten Stadtplaner, München
  • Program:  appr. 12 ha of brownfield site, 1200 residential units, kindergartens, school, etc
  • Project year: 2019–2020


The “Cherry Orchard”

  • Project type: International open two-stage urban design competition
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Client: Stuttgart City
  • Program:  appr. 85 ha of a new residential district with socio-cultural facilities and expansion of Rosenteinpark and Schlossgarten
  • Project year: 2018–2019
  • Completed: Fourth prize


Gleisbogen Park

  • Project type: Parallel Assignment
  • Location: Huddinge, Stockholms county
  • Client: Byggvesta, Stiftelsen Clara, Huddinge municipality
  • Program:  university campus and student housing
  • Project year: 2017 – current

Campus Flemingsberg

A new creative university hub

  • Project type: Selected participant in closed urban planning competition
  • Location: Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Client: Strelka KB
  • Program:  345 ha of residential mixed-used development
  • Project year: 2018

Oktyabrsky Island

The making of a City

  • Project type: Selected participant in urban planning competition
  • Location: Freiburg, Germany
  • Client: Freiburg City
  • Program: 8000 apartments, school campus, sport facilities, local services for 20 000 residents
  • Project year: 2017


A tale of two cities