Svärdsliljan 1

Factory for family

The task was to transform an old factory into apartments, respecting the building and its cultural history. Together with the transformation of the main building, the block has been densified with an addition of a rowhouse in three stories and a one story semi-detached house. The new buildings are in a modern design, but influenced by the existing factory in colors and choice of materials.


Svärdsliljan 1 is a small property along Köpmangatan. It is spectacularly situated, facing the stream Eskilstunaån, not far from central Eskilstuna. The situation along the stream has been an important part of the design. The residents get access to a well-defined courtyard, directly connected to the water. At the same time as the courtyard provides for enclosure and a private space it also has views of the water as well as of the city center behind.


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