A vertical composition in Västerås

Early conceptual image of balconies towards the courtyard

Piltornen has been developed by Tovatt Architects and Planners for several years. The office developed strategies for vitalizing the district Ängsgärdet during 2014-2015. A work that led up to a new masterplan for the central parts along Pilgatan. The location’s historically important role as the “Eastern Gate” is to be revitalized and reconnected to the city. With HSB as the client, the vision of the building has gradually emerged, the goal is a new landmark for the area with the beautiful views from the apartments.


The building consists of four slender towers in varying heights. The top floor, floor 20, has pergola and terraces facing the city. The ground floor towards Pilgatan has two interconnected floors in granite ceramics. The facade of the three exterior towers is shimmering sheet metal cassettes in warm light shades. The house’s “backbone” the mittle tower, has sheet metal cassettes in brownish tones. The gables have glazed balconies with an inside material of wood.

Visualization seen from Pilgatan

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