Landmark in Linköping

"Tornet" seen from a car, protecting the inner environment from the traffic.

“Tornet”, Linköping’s new landmark is in close proximity to the city centre, five minutes’ walk from the main train station. The interface between old and new has been celebrated and an intense and rich environment of contrasts has been developed. The buildings form and façade material is juxtaposed to the low brick warehouse buildings. Together the old and new form a secure and vibrant environment. Phase one, the lower part, contains offices with commercial use at ground floor. Phase two, the high part, includes n apartment hotel with offices and conference on top with public functions at the ground floors.

The building is located a five minutes' walk from the main train station.

"Tornet" by night.

A close up of the elevation with sun protection

The inner environment has a more intimate scale that relates to the historic buildings on the site.

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