Landmark in the city siluett

Halfway between the Löfbergs iconic high-rise and the old bakery in Karlstad, a new urban hub is shaping up. The diagonal of the planned boulevard cuts through this hub and stretches from the Municipal Park all the way to the Klarälvens waterfront. The boulevard breaks the traditional street grid of Tullholmsviken neighborhood. These points of intersection form series of public places that shape social and cultural interactions.

Tullholmsvikens Block 1 forms a stage of this urban hub. Right behind the roundabout a 16 floors high tower clad in red brick rises above the urban landscape as a landmark of the new neighborhood. The corner of the northwest side of the block is clipped off by the diagonal of the boulevard. This face of the building is on the street level occupied by retail and local food store which open with their entrances towards a public square. Even the block loosens up its form here giving a way to places of interaction and rest on different levels with views over the water and park. The clarity of the expression is achieved by common architectural language and material.

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