GMW Phase 1 & Village Square

A characteristic river front

View from the Thames

Phase 1 and the Village Square is a large part of the first two phases of the new neighborhood Greenwich millennium Village, located at the Greenwich peninsula next to the Thames. The masterplan is based on the winning proposal for an international developer competition in 1997. It was won by a design team led by Ralph Erskine Architect and Planner (later Erskine Tovatt). The office Erskine Tovatt (now Tovatt Architects and Planners) led the design team and design development of the about 750 apartments together with the Swedish Architect firms SSARK and Ahlqvist & Almqvist Arkitekter, as well as the local Architect firms EPR Architects and Hurley Robertson and Associates.


In 2001, the first two buildings with about 100 apartments, facing the southern park, were ready. It was followed in 2003 with a large urban block phasing the Thames with about 200 additional apartments. The first buildings established a strong identity with a distinguished silhouette towards the Thames and beyond. The following years the two blocks on each side of the village square was completed, as well as the two freestanding buildings in the transition point between the central park and the southern park, emphasizing the Village Square.


The area has a high density but still provides for a human scale. Several architectural principles have been used to achieve this balance. The variation in building heights and the penthouse-volumes breaks down the scale and shape individual objects as part of a larger composition. The ground floors are carefully designed with a high level of detailing as well as many entrances, commercial units and front gardens. The high density provides a good base for local services and urban life. In combination with the strong identity of the development and a wide range of well-defined public and private outdoor spaces, a modern interpretation of the urban neighborhood is shaped.

Illustrative Masterplan

View of the Village Square seen from the Central Park

View of the two first buildings seen from the Southern Park

Courtyard with podium parking in two levels below

Penthouse view

Brick details next to front garden

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