An urban mix

D10 seen from the park in the south. Photo: Daniel Hawelka

The Tovatt Architects and Planners design for the lot D10 of 10.000m2 comprises 314 residential units, partly designed to allow also for other uses such as small practices and offices. On the ground floor 3350m3 commercial above 400 car parking spaces are provided. The development is partly government-financed and net areas of flats and building costs are limited. Designed as low energy house as well as using Earth heat and providing space for solar panels on the roof it will be part of the ongoing project “smart city”.

The block is closed towards the urban streets surrounding tree sides of the block with a more open relationship towards the park to the south. The courtyard is a well defined space for the residents with openings providing views, sun and a nice sequence of private and public spaces.

Entering the residential courtyard from north west.

D10 in context.

Photo: Daniel Hawelka

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