Who we are


Tovatt Architects & Planners forms a strong relationship with clients and puts a lot of personal dedication into projects, thus trying to make the world a better place. We know that the human being is central, her need for beauty, sustainability and function is the core of our profession and our task. We probably have one of the world’s most important and fulfilling jobs: to seek out images, expressions and languages of all the challenges of the future. We work together with people, organizations and countries that matter to us and we never give up until we believe we are onto something crucial.

Tovatt Architects & Planners is a studio within Sweco Architects and works extensively and cross-disciplinaryly with urban design and contemporary architecture. We hold experience and knowledge in different scales and stages and can thus bring the early visions all the way down to the beautiful details. We see the possibilities from different points of view, and we put buildings in their wider context. We have our presence in Stockholm and Eskilstuna and work all over Sweden as well as internationally with a large network of experts who share our visions of working for a sustainable society.

Tovatt Architects & Planners originates from one of the forerunners of Swedish architecture – Ralph Erskine. His innovative, humanistic and socially engaged view on architecture and urban design has made its mark on many of us who work here today. Erskine Tovatt Architects was founded in 1999 and in 2005 the Office was renamed Tovatt Architects & Planners AB. In 2015 the office merged with Modellera in Eskilstuna, Sweden. In 2019 the office was acquired by Sweco and from autumn 2020 Tovatt Architects & Planners is a studio within Sweco Architects.