Oktyabrsky Island

The making of a City

Kaliningrad has a very strategic location in the Baltic region and its importance will doubtlessly increase in the upcoming decades. Within a short walk from the city centre, Oktyabrsky Island is currently home to the 2018 World Cup Kaliningrad Stadium. So far, substantial investments have been done in association with the football arena and a balance must occur with regards to the island’s natural landscape and people’s needs. Our competition proposal aimed for Oktyabrsky development to become a catalyst for future transformations for the whole city. It is an extraordinary opportunity to reconnect Kaliningrad to its historical roots of Köningberg and establish preconditions for the sustainable growth of adjacent sites in the next century.


Encompassing the stadium, the western part of Oktyabrsky Island is envisioned to become a new cultural and business centre yet providing a liveable pedestrian-friendly environment for 40 thousand new residents. The development of the eastern part fully embraces its landscape qualities transforming it into accessible natural assets. Hence, the large proportion of green open spaces and natural embankments will create an exemplary inner-city biotope of international importance. The main structure of the whole site is unfolding along a sequence of urban nodes, created so that social facilities and commercial areas can occur effortlessly, supporting more sustainable ways of living and social surveillance. Therefore, putting people in the first place, our development concept envisions spatial scenarios for social interactions, cultural exchange and sustainable growth in a tight interconnection to nature within the city space.

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