Congratulations Fokus Skärholmen!

We congratulate the City of Stockholm for winning the 2019 Swedish award for urban planning – the process behind the project Fokus Skärholmen. Together with Stockholm City, Tovatt Architects and Planners have been developing Vårbergsvägen – a part of the greater Fokus Skärholmen project. It is always enriching to work with highly ambitious projects and clients, and we are proud of being able to contribute to this challenging project!

The masterplan for Vårbergsvägen aims at combining the suburbs’ inviting open green space with the life of the urban street. Furthermore, it aims to complement the existing large open spaces with a variety of smaller spaces with different degrees of enclosure. Spaces for traffic and areas adjacent to them are claimed for housing and these new urban paths created are merged with the existing network of parks for walking and cycling. Where the structures intersect, new squares and parks are created, where the city’s street life meets the social life of the green structure.  The project provides for more than 1100 apartments, sports facilities, schools, kindergartens and local services.