Dietenbach – Tovatt Architects and Planners handpicked when Freiburg grows


As one out of five architecture firms in Europe,Tovatt Architects and Planners have been handpicked to take part in the city of Freiburg’s next big development – Dietenbach. Among other chosen firms are West 8 and Henning Larsen. Another 25 teams have been chosen through prequalification. In short, the brief is to plan a new district in the outskirts of Freiburg. The plot is surrounded by open fields, forests and streams, with mountains in the background. The competition area, of more than 100 ha, is situated next to Rieselfeld; a pioneering city development from the 1990’s.

The ambition for Dietenbach is just as high as for Rieselfeld, but now focusing on contemporary questions about sustainability, climate change and social sustainability. When the district is fully built it will be inhabited by around 20 000 people in between 6000 to 8000 apartments. After the competitions first stage, five teams will be chosen for the next stage where focus will be to do workshops and civil dialogue with both citizens and the city of Freiburg as well as experts in different fields. The competition form is unique in Germany, and a series of different methods has been chosen to decide a winner.

We have formed a team together with two German consultants, both at the cutting edge in their field of expertise: Studio Dreiseitl (Ramböll) are landscape architects and engineers that are world leading in, among other things, stormwater, water cleansing and environmental technology. Transsolar is an international company working with energy and climate issues in a broader sense. Together with Tovatt Architects and Planners, we look forward to developing a vision for the future of Dietenbach!

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