A Vision for Vårberg


Since the so called “million program” hardly any new homes have been built in Skärholmen. The citys plans for the future are big. We are proud to be involved in the creation of the next layer of urban fabric.
The project Vårbergsvägen is now out for review, together with a number of projects, as part of the grater project Focus Skärholmen. The proposals will be shown from 5 September 2017 to 17 October 2017. The proposals will also be displayed in Focus Skärholmen’s project office, Portholmsgangen 1, next to Skärholmen C, where there is also a physical model. The city presents the project closer here at: Fokus Skärholmen.

Read more about Tovatt Architects and Planners vision for Vårbergsvägen on our project page: Vårbergsvägen