A new Harvard!

In February 2018, Tovatt Architects and Planners presented a vision for the new Campus Flemingsberg.  Despite its natural and socioeconomic challenges, we envision the site of Campus Flemingsberg to become a vibrant educational hub with urban and mixed-used qualities. Our proposal aims to re-shape the entrance to the area from Flemingsberg station and create a mixed-use and diverse campus environment deliberately weaving existing campus buildings into a new fabric. The masterplan provides new educational premises, 450 units of student housing and a kindergarten for 80–100 children. The new zoning plan is intended to be ready in autumn 2020.

Read more about the plans here: https://www.stockholmdirekt.se/nyheter/visionen-sa-blir-nya-campus-flemingsberg/reprfy!oQfgMsiAnsMwUrN9rP9fFQ/