Two important urban development projects in Västerås

The Municipality of Västerås has decided on moving forward with the urban development projects Finnslätten and Sätra. The projects are important for the future development of the city, but also for us at Tovatt Architects and Planners. We have been engaged in both projects for a long time and we are very happy that they now have reached this far!

The vision for establishment of an urban campus in Finnslätten has been developed together with Kungsleden and Västerås Municipality among others.  The aim is to create an attractive meeting place around future technological inventions – a place where research, development and production join forces in order to meet societal challenges.

Sätra is an urban development project that includes about 2000 new housing units, local services and a new school. The ambitious goal for Sätra is to become a neighbourhood where it is easy to live sustainably. The project is a result of a collaboration with Mandaworks.