Tovatt in Beirut!


Tovatt Architects and Planners have been on a study trip and experienced the city’s mix, from new skyscrapers to the historic city’s vibrant street life. Traces of Civil War are juxtaposed with the latest in design. Illegal, organically grown, former refugee camps are located not far from wealthy districts built on speculation with shining glass facades.

A lot of impressions and feelings to take in. We have been to luxury apartments, Beit Beirut Museum and a guided tour of the Badaro district with our knowledgeable guide Elie Harfouche. We finished our trip with a day trip to Byblos, one of the world’s oldest, still inhabited cities. There, we also had time for a swim in the Mediterranean sea.

The architect Petia Ratzov, based in Beirut since seven years, guided us through the seemingly chaotic traffic, to good restaurants and through the vibrant nightlife of the city.

Lots of good food, sun and genuine people. Beirut, we will see you again!