Gleisbogen Park

Perspective view

Tovatt Architects and Planners’ vision was selected as one of the four award-winning proposals in the second stage of the urban design competition for Rosenstein – a new urban district to be developed over the next 20 years in the very heart of the city. The competition has appeared as a response to the major infrastructural transformation in the central area of Stuttgart. Hence, the new urban district is called to reconcile the city’s strong industrial identity with inevitable structural changes to meet the needs of the citizens and to become an exemplary model for the future development of Stuttgart and the region.


At the center of the proposal is the 150-year-old railway structure and remaining beautiful constructions that have endured both war and high-speed trains – but now emerge as a city. Bridges, slopes and viaducts have been ingeniously incorporated into the new city converging their synergies to the new public realm – Gleisbogen Park. Additionally, the overall concept creates potentials for high-quality daily life for the residents, taking into account microclimate and water management, mix of functions and variety of scales, enhanced connectivity and future mobility strategies. With its strong historical identity, valuable green areas and vast social and cultural programme, Rosenstein is envisioned to become both – a destination to explore and a place to live.


Urban sections. Sketches on public spaces of Rosenstein.

Zoom-in area

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