Urban Campus

Image: Walk the Room/Tovatt Architects & Planners.

A vision for the future establishment of an urban campus in Finnslätten has been developed together with Kungsleden and Västerås Municipality among others. The aim is to create an attractive meeting place around future technological inventions – a place where research, development and production join forces to meet societal challenges. Finnslätten is located on the outer edge of the city with direct access to railway line and main transport roads, well connected to the main regional power net. The area is today a typical industrial district based on car use where new investments and initiatives have already started the process for change. The common vision for Finnslätten opens an opportunity to create a framework for the stakeholders to reinvent a sustainable structure that promotes a vibrant urban life.


The structure provides a sequence of central public spaces – squares, streets, and parks, which form a core for urban street life and public facilities. In the outskirts of the development next to the main transport net, large-scale structures are maintained and developed for production and logistic functions. Multifunctional public spaces with green and water treatment areas bind the area across and connect it further to the open nature in the north and east. A mobility concept makes it easy to change the ways of transport. Including an internal shuttle bus, it promotes sustainable solutions for transportation and low-speed movements within the area.


Planning for a new school, housing for short term stay and local services are already underway.  The location of a new train station, university functions, a winter-garden that uses surplus heat from industrial processes – are to be investigated within the area. The strategic location and the large scale of potential new developments in Finnslätten together with the already established enterprises creates a unique potential to form a regional and international meeting point for a new technology hub development.

Image: Walk the Room/Tovatt Architects & Planners.

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