Bagarmossen Skarpnäck

Planning program

The program area

Architectural support for planning program.

Material for civil dialogue 2015.

Processing material for evaluation in 2016.

The program was approved by SBN in oktober 2016.


Tovatt Architects & Planners has been working as an architectural consultant for an interdiciplinary project team, set up to make a planning program for Bagarmossen/Skarpnäck. The work was done intensely during the spring 2015 and the civil dialogue was held in the autumn. Initially, a design dialogue was held with invited citizens. In parallel, an inventation of the districts was made to find out the potential for densification. Six areas were identified for further studies, focusing on built environment, pedestrian connections, streets and parks. Tovatt Architects & Planners developed sketch proposals, strategies and approaches as well as illustrations and drawings for the different areas. The program shows a densification potential of around 3500 dwellings in the districts. Major focus has been on developing the connections and the park between the districts, that is today perceived as a mental barrier. The area of Bergholmsbacken has played an important strategic role in the process. In this area, several development proposals were studied to give the best preconditions for connecting the two districts. Considered aspects have included pedestrian and bike movements, traffic, number of dwellings, landscape, schools/preschools, safety and connections.

New developments and indoor swimming pool at Skarpnäck's sports area

Sketch of Bergholmsbacken, with a developed park area towards Skarpnäck

Sketch of Bergholmsbacken, with a developed park area towards Skarpnäck

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