City and park

View from west, Annedal in front with Sunbyberg behind

In the northern parts of Stockholm in Bromma, between Sundbyberg and Solvalla, lies the newly built neighborhood Annedal. The first residents moved in during 2011 and the construction was completed in 2018 with the finalizing of the streets. The development provides about 1900 residential units as well as a school, kindergartens and local service. The masterplan is based on Tovatt Architects and Planners (then Erskine Tovatt) winning proposal in an international competition in 2003.


The urban structure is based on a firm city block structure surrounding a central park shaped around a hill with large beautiful oaks. The masterplan creates a composition of areas with different character based in its specific conditions, its orientation and the quality of the landscape. Within these areas tree main building typologies have been developed, solitaries towards the water in north, U-shaped blocks with freestanding buildings between the heavy trafficked road in the east and the central park, and large blocks (superblocks) in the south. The different urban structures are connected through a diagonal pedestrian path leading from the entrance square next to the bus stop in south to the small basin in the north.

Illustrative plan from the competition stage, block marked in red designed by Tovatt Archtects and Planners

View of Bällstavägen, from Design guide 2006

View of water basin, from competition stage 2003

Diagrams breaking down the structure, competition stage 2003

3D stydy from the design guide, 2006

Photo of model from the competition stage seen from the entrance square looking towards the central park, 2003

Photo of model from the competition stage seen from the water basin looking towards the central park, 2003

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