Off-grid row housing

Our off-grid row house is a modern and sustainable concept developed for an invited competition organized by Eskilstuna Municipality. The houses are designed to be completely self-sufficient both in terms of electricity and heat all year round. The building meets the Passive House Plus Standard where the technology is seamlessly integrated into the architecture. By utilizing and storing all produced solar electricity in a hydrogen plant, energy can be saved so that heat and electricity is provided for all year round, even when the sun is not shining. The section is designed to facilitate natural ventilation. The choice of material has been made with care including brick pavement that can store energy.


Inspired from the traditional Fristaden’s variability, scale and small ancillary buildings, we have created a modern wooden house adapted for solar panel optimization. The roof is an extension of the site’s topography and connects the hill of the adjacent forest with the lower located street. At the low point, the roof creeps down and meets the facade windows and runs further out on the wavy axis of ancillary buildings. Advanced technology is no obstacle to good architecture. A compact floor plan offers great flexibility for the residents to adapt their home over time. Each unit has its own greenhouse together with a storage building which together with the main building forms a private courtyard facing south. On the forest side, the free nature comes close and crawls all the way to the townhouse’s second patio.


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