Nätet 10

Laterna magica

The four towers, placed around a central green space, is part of a larger development of “Norra Munktellstaden” in central Eskilstuna. The plot is situated in the middle of the new area, surrounded by traditional city blocks and well-preserved brick buildings. The four towers, together with the lower complement buildings, form an interesting composition as well as a defined space for nature. Two-sided entrances lead to a common space in the center of the site.


The design is strong and welcoming at the same time. Every house is made up of four corners of red brick, a common type of brick in Eskilstuna. The red brick is complemented with gray window frames and black steel profiles lining the balconies, inspired by the old industrial buildings in the area. The glimmering brass cut through the buildings exposing the entrance spaces and the stairs behind. The lower complementary buildings are in black wood.  All materials are chosen to last for a long time and to minimize the need for maintenance.

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