A triangular composition

The triangular building shapes well-defined street spaces and provides views to the nature behind.

The main concept is to connect the new development through a net of diagonal movements across the site. The proposal takes hold on the existing urban structure and at the same time introduces a new typology – the triangular building. The triangular shape provides for beautiful and efficient apartments and a well-shaped network of streets, courtyards and open views. Through the intricate placement of the triangular volumes, a rich sequence of open and closed, private and public spaces is created. The beautiful parkland north of the site, and the large trees in the southwest are presreved and integrated in the experience of the new neighbourhood.


Illustrative plan

The triangular buildings are placed in groups that shapes well-defined street and court spaces with views of the nature.

Client HSB.

View of one of the three duplex units in north. In total there are six duplex units within the site creating a mix of unit types and scale. Client Nopy

View of house N and O, 50 rental apartments. Client Bostjärnan.

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