Tovatt moves in to Sweco!

After more than a year of waiting and planning, we have finally moved together with Sweco. We look forward to all future inspiring meetings and to be able to benefit from the incredibly broad expertise of the Sweco family. Tovatt Architects & Planners will work as a studio within Sweco where we continue doing what we do the best; to work cross-disciplinary with urban design and buildings with a personal dedication. We will keep our presence in Eskilstuna and continue to work internationally together with a large network of experts who share our visions of working for a sustainable society with the human being in focus.

In Stockholm you will find us in the Sweco building, Gjörwellsgatan 22 on the 9th floor with a beautiful view of the city. We keep our name Tovatt Architects & Planner until further notice which means Email, personal phone number, our website and the name are still there until further notice. You can reach us as usual. Tovatt 2.0 is here!

Two important urban development projects in Västerås

The Municipality of Västerås has decided on moving forward with the urban development projects Finnslätten and Sätra. The projects are important for the future development of the city, but also for us at Tovatt Architects and Planners. We have been engaged in both projects for a long time and we are very happy that they now have reached this far!

The vision for establishment of an urban campus in Finnslätten has been developed together with Kungsleden and Västerås Municipality among others.  The aim is to create an attractive meeting place around future technological inventions – a place where research, development and production join forces in order to meet societal challenges.

Sätra is an urban development project that includes about 2000 new housing units, local services and a new school. The ambitious goal for Sätra is to become a neighbourhood where it is easy to live sustainably. The project is a result of a collaboration with Mandaworks.

Tallmon nominated for the award New nursing home of the year!

Tallmon in Älvkarleby by Tovatt Architects & Planners is nominated for the award New nursing home of the year!

The project combines an efficient layout and high medical requirements with a caring environment, a unique building to live and work in.
Please vote here:

Image: Patric Norlin
Read more about Tallmons nursing home

Congratulations Fokus Skärholmen!

We congratulate the City of Stockholm for winning the 2019 Swedish award for urban planning – the process behind the project Fokus Skärholmen. Together with Stockholm City, Tovatt Architects and Planners have been developing Vårbergsvägen – a part of the greater Fokus Skärholmen project. It is always enriching to work with highly ambitious projects and clients, and we are proud of being able to contribute to this challenging project!

The masterplan for Vårbergsvägen aims at combining the suburbs’ inviting open green space with the life of the urban street. Furthermore, it aims to complement the existing large open spaces with a variety of smaller spaces with different degrees of enclosure. Spaces for traffic and areas adjacent to them are claimed for housing and these new urban paths created are merged with the existing network of parks for walking and cycling. Where the structures intersect, new squares and parks are created, where the city’s street life meets the social life of the green structure.  The project provides for more than 1100 apartments, sports facilities, schools, kindergartens and local services.


Today a new passive preschool was inaugurated in Knivsta  

Today we celebrate together with children, pedagogues and our client the result of five years of hard work. Tovatt Architects & Planners has, together with Knivsta kommunfastigheter, developed Norrgårdens preschool with high ambitions for both the building and the pedagogy. Having the beautiful agricultural landscape as a background, a modern passive house with strong architectural identity is now ready for children and staff to grow in.

Norrgården’s Preschool is a municipal pre-school with 8 divisions for 160 children. It is inspired by the Reggio Emilia-philosophy where the democratic values and children’s influence are the main focus. The building has two floors where the facilities for the smaller children are situated on the entrance floor towards the green yard which offers space for gardening and play. The older children reach their premises on the upper floor via the outdoor wooden staircases which also sets the character of the building towards the court . Children of every different age and group meet around the centrally located hub of the building where the stage, the dining room and studios open up between the floors.

The building is certified as Passive House according to international Standard (PHI) which allows 75% less energy use than other traditionally built preschools. Great care has been taken to optimize the environment for pedagogical activities with studios to stimulate curiosity, exploration and experimentation. Natural material have been used in the building design such as wooden ribs, used both inside and outside to link the spaces together and create a soft meeting with the building. All eight individual studios and small cubbyhole give the children the opportunity to find their own private or less private places and belonging in the smaller group.

Read more about the project here

Tovatt Architects & Planners AB will become a subsidiary company, entitled by Sweco.

Our engagement in architecture, in future challenges and people has brought us in close relationships with both enterprises and individuals. These relationships have emerged within our collaborative work, through partnerships and collective efforts. We know that this is where architecture and urban design arise – no man an island!

Our concerns, referring to urgent sustainability and liveability in its widest sense, has casted the searchlight on how we currently work as a company, how we would like to work and how we can increase our strengths at the doorstep of forthcoming changes. We believe that global, political and environmental challenges will increase and thereby influence the way we act, incite leadership and push for more profound commitments. We look upon the years to come with both seriousness and an inherent strength, eager to act through personal responsibility and through enhanced collective power.

In the spirit of concern and optimism, in the last 12 months we have entertained an intense discourse with the Swedish company Sweco, a dialogue about the future role of our respective companies, a mapping of experiences and results in the fields of urban life, architecture and ways ahead and beyond. After some successful collaborative projects in Sweden and abroad, we now take another important step – merging of our companies!

Today, the 1st of July 2019, Tovatt Architects & Planners AB will become a subsidiary company, entitled by Sweco.

Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, with more than 16000 employees in northern Europe, carrying out projects in more than 70 countries worldwide to ensure resilient and liveable cities, clean water, efficient infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions.

As an affiliated company, Tovatt Architects & Planners will continue as the ones we are, bringing ourselves to the tasks and commissions and continue to reflect within the nuances of our Scandinavian origin. Subsequently, we will continue to engage with you as before, increase our engagement in our collaboration and provide more profound services and expertise to both assignments, partnerships and friendship.

As one company, the discourse about the needs of the growing cities will, eventually, discharged into the insight about the unique position of ours; the broad generalists on one hand, the key-competence on the other. Bridging these – the generalists and the specialists – is our lead ahead; eyes wide open for the most challenging times to come.

Read more about Sweco here.

Tovatt Architects & Planners på prispallen i Tyskland

Mellan augusti 2018 och april 2019 deltog Tovatt Architects & Planners i en öppen internationell stadsbyggnadstävling i hjärtat av Stuttgart, Tyskland. Tävlingen omfattade ett mer än 100 hektar stort stadsutvecklingsområde som under de närmsta 20 åren ska transformeras från rangerbangård till en helt ny stadsdel. I hård konkurrens med fler än 50 konsultteam från hela Europa har fyra prisbelönta förslag utsetts – ett av dessa från Tovatt Architects & Planners + team

Utvecklingen av Rosenstein är stort för alla som bor i Stuttgart, säger Johannes Tovatt, projektledare och ansvarig för teamet bakom förslaget. Både stad och invånare har plågats av de stora infrastrukturprojekten under det senaste decenniet, när hela järnvägen nu läggs i tunnlar under mark. Det stora spårområdet kommer nu att bli navet i processen att läka både de mentala och fysiska såren i staden.

Arkitekttävlingen har pågått sedan förra sommaren men i två steg. Första steget var en öppen tävling där alla som ville kunde delta. Av de ca 50 förslagen som kom in valdes 11 ut för en avgörande tävlingsomgång.

Vi gick hårt ut, satsade redan i steg 1 när vi såg att det fanns starka och bärande idéer för den nya stadsdelen och det var givetvis en stor seger att komma med i det avgörande skedet av tävlingen. Att sedan vara en av de prisbelönta är fantastiskt. Har vi lite tur så kommer vi kunna arbeta vidare i en eller annan form.

I centrum av förslaget återfinns den 150 år gamla järnvägsstrukturen och många av de vackra konstruktioner som överlevt krig och snabbtåg tilläts finnas kvar – men nu som stad. Broar, slänter och viadukter har sinnrikt arbetats in i den nya stadsstrukturen som är både klassisk och modern i samma andetag.

Jag tror att förslaget utstrålar vår långa och gedigna erfarenhet av stora och komplexa stadsplaner runtom i Europa. Här har vi försökt bygga stad från grunden och vi har använt alla till buds stående medel för detta. Men mest av allt tror jag att förslaget visar humor och glädje – helt avgörande för att detta projekt ska lyckas och att Stuttgart ska bli helt igen….

Med i teamet fanns Ramböll Studio Dreiseitl, UrbanThinkTank, Fraunhofer ISE, Steteplanung, Burkhard Horn och Prof. Dr. Christina Simon-Philipp


The Masterplan (Fördjupad Översiktsplan) for the new district Sätra in Västerås is now out on consultation!

A result of a fine collaboration between Västerås City, Mandaworks and Tovatt Architects & Planners. Read more about Västerås new green district in Västerås tidning, Svt Nyheter and on our webpage.

Illustration: Tovatt/Mandaworks

We are developing the meatpacking district in Gothenburg!

After a lengthy process, with hard competition, we are proud to announce that we are developing the slaughterhouse area in Gothenburg, together with Dreem Arkitekter and Higab. Our vision is to integrate the area with the city centre and develop the area as a destination for food and culture, creating a clear identity for the area founded in the district’s cultural history.

Read more about the project in our press release here

Or read the articles in Göteborgs-Posten and Svensk Byggtidning.

Linköping's highest apartment building is now inaugurated!

Tovatt Archictects & Planners has assisted the municipal housing company Stångåstaden in Linköping to develop the district Vimanshäll. A work that has been going on for more than 10 years. And now it’s finished! The area has been supplemented with a total of about 120 new apartments in mixed sizes and tenures. Tovatt Archictects & Planners has designed two smaller apartment buildings with a preschool on the ground floor and a 14-storey tower block.  Friday the 21st of September was the inauguration of this tower block, Höjdpunkten, 50 rental apartments with Linköping’s best view! The building has a shape to capture the light and handling noise. The facades have been given a colourful expression as a reference to the site’s historical use as a beacon.

Now the new building “Höjdpunkten” is shining over the town in the evenings!

Photo Anders Bobert

We are hiring!

Experienced Architect
We are currently hiring for several different positions.
We need you to be fluent in Swedish. Read more on our Swedish page. 


Unsolicited applications
We are always interested in getting in contact with experienced
and talented architects and urban planners. Send your application to: 

Share our office!

Our office is located in a dynamic area of Slakthusområdet in Stockholm, but we have a little bit more space than we need. On the floor below us OKK+ (, Snøhetta and writer Mark Isitt has their office. Together we would like to create a meeting place for architecture, design, landscape and thoughts. Do you want to become a part of this environment? We have 50 m2 of office space to let, sharing all common areas such as kitchen, workshop, meeting room, etc.

You can find the advertisement and contact our broker here

For other questions, please contact our administrator Jessica Björkman

A new Harvard!

In February 2018, Tovatt Architects and Planners presented a vision for the new Campus Flemingsberg.  Despite its natural and socioeconomic challenges, we envision the site of Campus Flemingsberg to become a vibrant educational hub with urban and mixed-used qualities. Our proposal aims to re-shape the entrance to the area from Flemingsberg station and create a mixed-use and diverse campus environment deliberately weaving existing campus buildings into a new fabric. The masterplan provides new educational premises, 450 units of student housing and a kindergarten for 80–100 children. The new zoning plan is intended to be ready in autumn 2020.

Read more about the plans here:!oQfgMsiAnsMwUrN9rP9fFQ/–och-forskarbostader/

ARTICLE: Seestadt Aspern - long way from early critic to construction start

For more than ten years, Tovatt Architects and Planners have been involved in the development of the masterplan of Seestadt Aspern on a former airfield in northeastern Vienna.

The process of shaping a plan for a vibrant city district with 15,000 homes, offices for 20,000 people, shops, restaurants and services has involved close collaboration with professionals from all over the world. The office has worked on issues such as water management, sustainability, traffic, logistics and economic strategies in what is considered one of Europe’s largest urban development projects.

Read more about the history of the project and the process behind it here (swedish only)

Johannes Tovatt was a proud participant of the discussion at Woodland Sweden in Essen.

Svenska institutet and Sveriges arkitekter showed the possibilities of modern wood construction.

Read more here


Barkarbystaden grows

Järfälla municipality has now approved Sweden’s perhaps largest zoning plan and design guide: Barkarbystaden 3. The plan allows for approximately 4400 housing units, schools, preschools, retail, local services, sports and a retirement home. It provides the framework for a vibrant public realm, shaping a wide range of public spaces, street, parks and squares. The area connects Barkarbystaden 1 (now under construction) with the nature reserve Järvafältet and Säbysjön in the north, as well as Kyrkbyn in south. It connects the main public transportation hub, Stockholm West (Barkarby station), in the west and the future city center of Barkarbystaden in the east.

The plan for Barkarbystaden 3 is based on the overall masterplan for Barkarbystaden, also by Tovatt Architects and Planners. The office is now working on the next phase of development, called Barkarbystaden 4, containing the most central parts of the district.

Read more about the news here:

Read more about the project here:


Stella Lindstam lectured on the housing of the future for the elderly

The 29th-30th of November, the conference “Framtidens boende för äldre” took place at Scandic Hasselbacken in Stockholm. Stella Lindstam presented how we work at Tovatt with nursing and care homes. She showed two of our new projects; Tallmon’s  retirement home in Skutskär and Äppelparkens retirement home in Hallstahammar as an example and inspiration.

Read more about the projects here; and

Johannes Tovatt handed out the Erskine Prize!

Photo Jonas Malmström

New Chairman of Ruth and Ralph Erskine’s Scholarship Fund is Johannes Tovatt who together with Bengt Ahlqvist and H.M. Queen Silvia handed out the “Erskine Prize” at Arkitekturgalan 2017.

The winner of the award was the Spinelli project. Architectural students and teachers from the University of Kaiserslautern together with refugees and with the support of the city, as well as local construction companies, designed and built on their own a community centre. The building was built on the area of the former American Spinelli Barracks in Mannheim, Germany, near H.M. Queen Silvia’s childhood home.

The building is shaped as a stage for larger crowds along with a closed courtyard for contemplation and met the needs expressed by residents at the refugee camp.

Read more about the project here


Erskine Award Talks 2017

Invited competition leads to new project


We are happy to announce that Lundbergs has chosen to let us develop our proposal for kv Nätet 10! The proposal, “Laterna Magica” with four tower blocks in brick, creates a central landmark in the area. The project is part of a larger development of Norra Munktellstaden in central Eskilstuna. The key words in the project have been; elegant, intelligent and encouraging. The buildings surround a green oasis, a common courtyard, and the whole ensemble gives possibilities to live sustainable – socially, economically and ecologically.


Read more about the project here

Karlstad is growing! New district in the making


Tovatt Architects & Planners has made a proposal for the development of the old airfield in Jakobsberg in Karlstad. In an invited competition between two architectural offices, the municipality wanted to get new ideas of how the design of the area could be. We got very good feedback for our proposal, and now we are waiting for the revised plans and the public consultations during the spring of 2018.

Read more at Karlstad Växer

Read more about our proposal at the project page

We are moving to Slakthusområdet!


In the end of november we are moving to Möller & Co’s former building in Slakhusområdet. We took the opportunity to move into a new space with connections to the history of our office. Tovatt Architects and planners was founded by co-workers of Ralph Erskine during his last, but very active years. David Neuschütz, one of the original partners, tells about the move and how it was to work with one of the most fascinating personalities within Swedish architecture and city planning.

Read more about the building and the history with Ralph Erskine here. (in swedish)

Tovatt in Beirut!


Tovatt Architects and Planners have been on a study trip and experienced the city’s mix, from new skyscrapers to the historic city’s vibrant street life. Traces of Civil War are juxtaposed with the latest in design. Illegal, organically grown, former refugee camps are located not far from wealthy districts built on speculation with shining glass facades.

A lot of impressions and feelings to take in. We have been to luxury apartments, Beit Beirut Museum and a guided tour of the Badaro district with our knowledgeable guide Elie Harfouche. We finished our trip with a day trip to Byblos, one of the world’s oldest, still inhabited cities. There, we also had time for a swim in the Mediterranean sea.

The architect Petia Ratzov, based in Beirut since seven years, guided us through the seemingly chaotic traffic, to good restaurants and through the vibrant nightlife of the city.

Lots of good food, sun and genuine people. Beirut, we will see you again!

Dietenbach – Tovatt Architects and Planners handpicked when Freiburg grows


As one out of five architecture firms in Europe,Tovatt Architects and Planners have been handpicked to take part in the city of Freiburg’s next big development – Dietenbach. Among other chosen firms are West 8 and Henning Larsen. Another 25 teams have been chosen through prequalification. In short, the brief is to plan a new district in the outskirts of Freiburg. The plot is surrounded by open fields, forests and streams, with mountains in the background. The competition area, of more than 100 ha, is situated next to Rieselfeld; a pioneering city development from the 1990’s.

The ambition for Dietenbach is just as high as for Rieselfeld, but now focusing on contemporary questions about sustainability, climate change and social sustainability. When the district is fully built it will be inhabited by around 20 000 people in between 6000 to 8000 apartments. After the competitions first stage, five teams will be chosen for the next stage where focus will be to do workshops and civil dialogue with both citizens and the city of Freiburg as well as experts in different fields. The competition form is unique in Germany, and a series of different methods has been chosen to decide a winner.

We have formed a team together with two German consultants, both at the cutting edge in their field of expertise: Studio Dreiseitl (Ramböll) are landscape architects and engineers that are world leading in, among other things, stormwater, water cleansing and environmental technology. Transsolar is an international company working with energy and climate issues in a broader sense. Together with Tovatt Architects and Planners, we look forward to developing a vision for the future of Dietenbach!

Links about the project:,Lde/495838.html

About the team:

Magic Treehouse World Cup 2017

news-hemsidaThis Saturday we competed in Magic Treehouse World Cup 2017 and got second price!

The organizer ”Magiska barnarkitekter” invited architectural offices to compete in Magic Treehouse World Cup to pay attention to how fast urban development is growing and how easy it is to forget the children.

Each team was given a place by lottery among the trees. You had to move quickly from idea to action. Tovatt Architects and Planners tree house was a dragon inspired creation that invites you to play, and it was awarded by the jury. Playful children and adults can visit the tree houses in the wood next to ”Nacka stadshus” during this month.

The jury consisted of 6 child architects, Puma Larsson, Niki Karlsson, Angus Karlsson, Mio Rixer, Charlie Kågström, Lovica Hillberts and Lisa Daram from Arkus, Erik Stenberg from KTH, Gunilla Grudewall-Steen from the ”Natur- och trafiknämnden” in Nacka and Karolina Skog, the government’s environmental minister.

Read more about the competition here

Planning program for Tullholmsviken in Karlstad


Karlstad municipality has developed our proposal for Tullholmsviken in Karlstad. We took part in a parallell assignment for the logistics central for Konsum in Värmland, which is moving and making room for a new district only ten minutes walk from the central station. The municipality’s plan is out on public display until november 4, 2017.

Read more at Karlstad växer and see our proposal here.

A Vision for Vårberg


Since the so called “million program” hardly any new homes have been built in Skärholmen. The citys plans for the future are big. We are proud to be involved in the creation of the next layer of urban fabric.
The project Vårbergsvägen is now out for review, together with a number of projects, as part of the grater project Focus Skärholmen. The proposals will be shown from 5 September 2017 to 17 October 2017. The proposals will also be displayed in Focus Skärholmen’s project office, Portholmsgangen 1, next to Skärholmen C, where there is also a physical model. The city presents the project closer here at: Fokus Skärholmen.

Read more about Tovatt Architects and Planners vision for Vårbergsvägen on our project page: Vårbergsvägen

Kungsljuset got building permit!


We are happy to see that our project Kungsljuset in Västerås is finally starting construction after many years. Kungsljuset is a project where the Gideonbergs school is developed with additional housing. The plan is made up of a composition of triangular houses, large and small, twin houses and apartment buildings, with a mix of rental and tenant-owned apartments. It has been developed from our winning proposal in a parallell assignment for Västerås stad in 2010. Tovatt Architects and Planners, together with HSB, Bostjärnan and NOPY in Västerås, has taken the project a big step closer to realization. Construction will start this autumn!

Read more about the project here!

Vulkanen 8 gets attention in the media

ekurirenTovatt Architects and Planners’ colourful addition to central Eskilstuna generates achitectural discussions. We are proud over our project and happy to be able to contribute to a positive architectural discourse. Read more about the discussion here:

Eskilstuna Kuriren – Unika hus

Sveriges radio P4 – Husen i sörmland som sticker ut

Sörmlands TV – Kolla in Eskilstunas häftigaste hus

Read more about the project in an interview with Stella Lindstam (in Swedish):

Interview with Stella


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


The office went to Eskilstuna to round up the year of 2016. Johannes Tovatt gave an inspiring lecture on the legacy of Ralph Erskine and his impact on our office. We visited the building site of our project Vulkanen where the happy owners of the apartments in this spectacular down town in-fill project soon will move in.

As a Christmas gift to make the world a little bit better to live in, Tovatt Architects and Planners supports Médecins Sans Frontières. We also support the building of a home for orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania as well as Architects without borders.



Tovatt Architects & Planners helps Västerås grow


Ängsgärdet surrounding Pilgatan that leads straight into the heart of Västerås has started its transformation from industrial estate to mixed-use city. The proposal from Tovatt Architects & Planners is now up for consultation in cooperation with HSB Mälardalen, the municipal housing company Bostads AB Mimer and the city of Västerås. The new area will contain a mixture of rental apartments and condominiums with retail premises along Pilgatan.

The project is one of the office’s several ongoing projects in Västerås. Around Gideonsbergsskolan the detailed development plan for a densifying project introducing a new typology, the triangle houses, has just been legally approved. A vision for how the many estate owners together with the municipality can develop Kopparlunden into a vivid city district has been formulated and visualized in a consultation document approved by the city of Västerås.

The local press about Ängsgärdet (in Swedish):

Read more about Ängsgärdet on the project page.

Welcome to our new website!


05_News_160915_new webWe are proud to present our updated website with more content and improved design. The project pages include a selection of our recent projects and you will find more information about the office and our aspirations under the practice section of our page. More projects will be added, both new and old. Enjoy!

The office is getting bigger

Main Office, Tovatt Architects & PlannersWe welcome Anasatsiia Borodiienko and Victoria Theander to our office!
The office is in an expansive phase with many old and new challenging projects. We are now a larger team with additional knowledge and experience building a strong team around the existing core. The merging of the offices Modellera Arkitektur and Tovatt Architects & Planners shapes a solid base of a wide range of competences. During 2015 and early 2016 we have  welcomed Alina Scheutzow, Maja Karlsson, Isak Bergwall, Calle Notman, Jonatan Andersen and Jenny Kvanta to our team. And soon there  will be even more of us …

Visiting Vulkanen

05_News_160827_vulkanen buildingThis weekend the future residents visited the building site of Vulkanen 8 located in central Eskilstuna. The 16 apartments slowly take shape and with helmets on the group explored the spaces and the views. Read more about the project on the project page.

Inspiring Hamburg

05_News_160513_Hamburg_cThe office went on a much awaited study trip to Hamburg.
A guided tour in Hafencity, Elbphilharmonie, electric bikes through Wilhelmsburg, innovative facades, interesting conversation on urban development with prof Ingrid Breckner at Hafencity Universität. Sustainability in both large and small. Can it get
any better?

Tovatt Architects & Planners merges with Modellera Arkitektur


Tovatt Architects & Planners strengthens its operations by merging with Modellera Arkitektur. Stella Lindstam becomes new partner alongside Johannes Tovatt and David Neuschütz. Modellera’s employees will join with the Tovatt office and all customers will follow into the new partnership.

– We are very pleased to have Stella Lindstam as partner. With Modellera we strengthen our business and can take on many exciting projects. The ambition is to grow further and we have great opportunities ahead of us with clients who appreciate what we stand for, says Johannes Tovatt, CEO of Tovatt Architects & Planners.

Modellera, with its roots in Mälardalen, is a creative architecture office with a long tradition of working in construction design stages. Tovatt are strong in urban planning and early stages and has many international assignments.

– By joining together with Tovatt, our customers will get even higher architectural quality and increased capacity. Also, we will be able to work more internationally, says Stella Lindstam, prospective partner at Tovatt.

Tovatt currently has 12 employees and assignments for Svenska Bostäder, HSB Mälardalen, Stockholm City and the City of Tampere in Finland as well as Seestadt Aspern in Austria.

Modellera has its focus on school and pre-school facilities and among its clients are Skolfastigheter in Stockholm and Kommunfastigheter in Knivsta. In addition, Modellera have projects in the segments of residential, retirement homes and commercial premises.

The headquarters will be in Stockholm and Modellera’s current office in Eskilstuna will operate as a branch office. The company will continue to work under the name Tovatt Architects & Planners.

Tovatt in Vienna

05_News_141120_SeestadtTovatt Architects & Planners inspects the progress of the new neighborhood Seestadt Aspern. This summer the first 2 600 apartments will be ready for owners to move in. In total, the masterplan provides for more than 1 000 000 m2 housing excluding offices, retail and light industry. The two metro stations are already built, the three-hectare lake has been excavated and the central park is under construction. On top of the masterplan, we have also designed 330 rental apartments in the first phase of the development. Read more on the project pages Seestadt Aspern and D10.


First prize in Tampere

05_Tampere_01Tovatt Architects & Planners proposal Seelake 2.0 has been selected as the winning scheme in Tampere. Our proposal was first selected as a joint winner. During the summer and fall of 2014 the office developed the concept in dialogue with the city. Now seelake 2.0 is the final winner and we look forward to working with the city to develop the Eteläpuisto Park urban area and how it meets the lake. Read more on the project page.


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